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The CÉRIC’s acronym meaning is testing and research center for chimneys industries, it was founded in 1991. But the CÉRIC is really a brand of scientific, technical and regulations ecosystem, a major actor in the energy transition for more than 30 years. The CÉRIC is today the leading European laboratory in the fi elds of chimneys and renewable energies.

What makes it a key element ? A capacity to elaborate protocol for testing adapted to the subject fi elds and implement them by using high-tech equipments unique in Europe. It is the only laboratory which develops, tests and validates all the elements taking part into combustion (combustibles, chimneys and appliances) through its three main activities : applied research, development and improvement of products, continuous quality checking with the CÉRIC Label, which guarantees high effectiveness in terms of energy efficiency and security, well above the national and European requirements.

At the service of its partners to innovate in security.



A product with the CÉRIC Label is securing a product with highlevel qualities, having performance far above the requirements of current rules and standards.

CÉRIC Label relies on the the values that CÉRIC stands up for:

    Quality at its highest level, research and development based on market’s knowledge

    Prevention and security of the installations and the users

    Training of the actors of the branch (prescriber, installors, distributors and consumers)

    CÉRIC Label is present on all the products that are regularly tested in the CÉRIC Laboratory: chimneys and combustibles. It can be seen both on the labels and on the packagings of the tested products.

    Level of certification

    CE marking

    The CE marking is a regulatory requirement before a company can put a product on the market in the European Union.
    The manufacturer takes exclusive responsibility for using the CE marking.

    NF brand

    The NF brand guarantees that the product concerned complies with national standards in France.
    The NF brand is an optional requirement for the manufacturer.
    CERTITA is the organisation approved by AFNOR to award the NF brand for single and multi-layer metal flues.

    CÉRIC Label

    The CÉRIC Label certifies that the products that bear it have been checked by the CÉRIC laboratory to higher levels than the regulations in force:

      • Before they are put on the market, products are subjected to initial type tests in accordance with the latest European benchmarks to confirm performance levels
      • As long as they are marketed, according to schedule predetermined with production sites, they are subjected to regular tests to ensure consistent quality
      • If they are modified, the type tests are renewed to make sure performance has been maintained or improved

    Level of quality and guarantee

    CE marking

    1 initial test before a product is put on the market

    Level of quality                

    Benchmark for manufacturers


    A passport to travel freely throughout the European Union

    NF brand

    1 test and 1 audit per year

    Level of quality              

    Respect for performance standards


    Assures the first level of quality

    CÉRIC Label

    1 sample per week and 1 audit per year

    Level of quality            

    Additional requirements over and above the standards in force


    Guarantees a higher level of demands

    Product family and display:

    The CÉRIC Label is displayed on all products that undergo regular tests at the CÉRIC laboratory:

    • Chimney flues
    • Fuels

    It appears on the labels for tested products
    as well as on their packaging



    Packaging label


    Wood fuel


    Wood fuel