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The CÉRIC laboratory has 30 years of experience under its belt, and is the leading European laboratory when it comes to chimneys and sustainable energy.

It's the only laboratory that develops, tests and approves every aspect of combustion (including fuels, pipes and equipment) through its three main areas of activity:

  • Applied research,
  • Product development,
  • Quality control.

The results of these tests are used to feed in to French and European standardisation work, as well as professional training programmes in partnership with the AGECIC.

In the years to come, the CÉRIC will continue to invest in order to extend its research and development resources in the fields of energy efficiency, safety and renewable energy.

Chimney flues
Research into chimney safety

Flue elements

Flue elements

Raw materials
Research into resistance of raw materials and covering materials

Zone tests « multi énergies »

Multi-energy test area



Research into fuel quality



Heating appliances
Research into heating appliance effiency


Heating appliances

Wind tunnel
Research into efficiency of the installations

Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel

Industrial chimneys
Research on security of industrial chimneys

Éléments de conduit

Flue elements

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The CÉRIC laboratory covers 550m² and boasts cutting-edge facilities unlike anywhere else in Europe.

The 6 test areas of the laboratory are suitable for a broad range of mechanical, chemical and thermal tests: wind tunnel tests, air tightness tests, flexibility tests, tests for resistance to condensation and rain water, dimensional tests and studies looking at combining combustion solutions with smoke removal systems.

Test benches are also installed outside, as well as a test platform for photovoltaic systems.

The CELSIUS heating system completes the range and is used to test medium and high power products.


Heating system

Wind tunnel

CELSIUS heating system

View of the heating system

The heating system covers a total surface area of 600m² and has a total power of 3.8MW.
It is made up of three boilers:





It fulfils 3 main functions:

puceheating the Poujoulat premises and the CÉRIC laboratory
pucetraining (tours of the system by AGECIC trainees etc.)
puceresearch and development for the CÉRIC

Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel


External view of the CÉRIC laboratory

Up: Wind tunnel (1st floor)
Down: «Chimney flue» and «Materials» test room (on the ground floor)


« Thermal » test room

« Fuel » test room

(Multi-energy) « Device » test room

Raw material laboratory

Wood chip boiler, 1.3MW

Wood pellet boiler, 500kW

Gas boiler, 2MW

External view of the CELSIUS heating system

A multidisciplinary and highly specialized team

The CÉRIC's team is composed of 6 engineers including the Director, Lionel Druette, his personal assistant and 4 technicians, divided into 3 main activity groups :

  • • quality and metrology
  • • projects
  • • tests


The CÉRIC laboratory is the central laboratory of POUJOULAT SA
(1-1033 accreditation – available on

It carries out studies and tests within the context of monitoring and developing products for all the production units of the POUJOULAT group.

Since June 2005, the CÉRIC has been a member of the EUROLAB association (European federation of national associations of measurement, testing and analytical laboratories).

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