Development and improvement of products

Full size testing benches

Six testing halls and two outside platforms : the CERIC's buildings represent 600 m² in total into which several testing benches are located so as to be able to realize mechanical, chemical and thermal tests thanks to high-tech equipment without equivalent in Europe.

The tests done stand out due to their variety : tests in wind tunnel, tests on air tightness, tests on flexibility, tests on resistance to condensates or rain, tests on sizing and study on coupling heating appliances/ exhaust systems. Some testing benches are installed outside.

The CELSIUS boiler room finalizes this device and makes it possible to test installations of medium or high power.



Monitored controlled quality of the products

a shared precision

The CERIC makes, all year round, controls and tests on products made by its partners so as to check the quality and the stability/constancy of the performances. When the products do not respect all their functions or if they are defective, the CERIC takes part in the setting of corrective actions with the quality department and the technical services of the manufacturers involved. Aiming at the ongoing improvement of quality and performance of the products, the laboratory also realizes tests on new products and raw materials. Heating appliances, stoves, inserts and boilers manufacturers rely on the performance and coupling tests done by the CERIC to set common prescriptions, demand of technical certifications.

review, standardisation and training

  • the CERIC keeps up to date with technology and its competition
  • The laboratory is actively involved in standardisation procedures for France (DTU, GS14) and Europe (CEN/TC166 , TC297) responsible for preparing new
    standards relevant to chimneys and smoke exhaust systems.
  • The CERIC laboratory is a member of the AGECIC training centre, which specialises in technical training and regulations for building professionals: boiler installation, free-standing equipment, boilers, renewable energy and eco-construction.
    In this field it is actively involved in creating and updating training material.

photo fascicules normes

photo session agecicphoto session agecic

Grand Ouest AGECICGrand Ouest AGECIC training session training session


Type tests

The CERIC laboratory carries out test types on all new products or systems before they are put on the market.

CE label

The laboratory helps factories in their relationships with notified parties to secure CE labels and voluntary labels.


When necessary, the CERIC laboratory prepares implementation documents. Technical notes or DTAs to facilitate the integration of new products or systems into the building environment.


CERIC Laboratory
Experts in chimneys and sustainable energy

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