Applied research

leading and in total independence

The CÉRIC Laboratory is the only laboratory which tests, validates all the elements part of combustion (fuels, chimneys and appliances) .



Key data

  • • more than 4 000 tests realized per year
  • • more than 25 test benches
  • • more than 30 patented products or systems
  • 30 years of expertise

There is innovation in the air !

In line with the energetics issues, the CÉRIC is in front line to stimulate the development of new generations of heating. The laboratory has in particular be totally part of the warm air distribution systems associating wood energy and solar. This process combining a heat exchanger connected to a wood burning stove and aerothermal solar panels. The heat, collected from the appliance can be dispatched in the whole house by air velocity.
A revolution !


The CÉRIC is involved in research programmes in partnership with:

  • Public bodies
  • Schools and universities
  • Communities
  • Private companies

The goal is to develop new products or improve the performance of existing ones, always bearing in mind their specific demands: quality, performance
and safety.



applied research

in link with our partners

The laboratory takes part to research programs in partnership with public organizations, communities, schools and universities for the training. The CÉRIC is part of an ecosystem !

The target : to develop new products or to improve the efficiency of existing products keeping in mind requirements in quality, efficiency and security





CÉRIC Laboratory
Experts in chimneys and sustainable energy

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